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Re: RE: ADA Substrates

>Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 13:32:41 +0900
>From: "Ryan Stover" <fishboy at neotown_com>
>Subject: RE: ADA Substrates  
> James is right when he said that Aqua Soil, and Power Sand, will indeed
>lower the pH. I should know, I have been using them for close to four years.
>Mr. Higuchi is also right when he said that there is no difference, except
>color, between the three Aqua Soils.
I'm not sure about it. Maybe there is no difference on the effects of
Aquasoils on pH but I think each type is different in mineral composition
(Amazonia, Africana and ... . I'm pretty sure that _all_ Aquasoil types are
Akadama, Kanema and other bonsai soils.  Unfortunately in the Italy bonsai
is not  as popular as it's in Far East and in Japan particularly. So it
should be possible that many other bonsai exists in Japan.

>it is rather 'fluffy', meaning a soil that provides good circulation and
>root penetration.
that's true! I have been using Aquasoil for 2 years, the bad point is that
is not re-usable at all!
I hope ADA Cristalino will be sold very soon in Europe too!

>As for Power Sand, it contains _mostly_ peat and pumice. There is/are some
>thing(s) not mentioned by ADA.
It's made by pumice mostly. But it doesn't contain mostly peat or pumice...
it's heavily loaded with nutrients, both macro and micro. It's one of the
richest substrate I've ever used for aquarium's tanks.

if you have a long experience with ADA method, I relly would like to
exchange expereinces with you since it's almost 2 years I'm using their