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Re: Iron test kit

On Sun, 17 Jan. Bob Dixon wrote:

Anyone know where I can get the highly recommended Dupla kits online?
Or any
other Iron test kits for that matter.  I've been beating the web-bushes
days now.  They aren't available here in Hick-town and I'd really like
to get

Bob DIxon


Check out Karl Schoeler's web site at
"http://www.aquatics.net/schoeler-enterprises/".  Karl has a new iron
test kit that uses Hach reagents that is available for order on line.

As I recall the last time I was on their web site at
"http://www.petwhse.com/" that Pet Warehouse also had some iron test
kits available from a number of manufactures, although I have no
personal experience with any of them.


Jay Bickford
Savage, MN
Where I am still stinging from the loss the Vikings took today.