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Re: RE: Tropica Mastergrow

Wow! this is really interesting to me!:)

>Bob also reported problems with hair algae, which he attributed to
>overdosing with Flourish Iron. 
it might not be the real reason for hair algae!!

>I can attest
>to the fact that overdosing with Flourish Iron (or any other iron
>supplement) can, under certain circumstances, promote problem algae.
which circumstances?

>Keep in mind as well that plants need a balance of all of the essential
>nutrients. If even one of them is in short supply, growth won't be optimal.
>Tropical Matergrow, indeed no commercial fertilizer aimed at aquarium use,
>contains ALL of the essential elements needed by plants. Some are designed
>to come from other sources
yep! Nice observation but not completely true! Duplaplant for example
contains a loooot of elements which you woudn't find in any other
commercial (or for agricolture) fertilizer.

how many nitrates does Bob have in his tank?

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