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Easy and Difficult

Hydrocotle  leucocephala is listed in the Tropica catalogue as being "easy" to
grow.  Rotala macrandra is listed as being "very difficult".  I'm running a
high-input PMDD tank.  The hydrocotle flounders and the rotala flourishes.  I
think it's because the hydrocotle depends on waterborne macro-nutrients, which
by definition are low in a PMDD tank.  I think that the rotala requires lots
of light and CO2 to look good is what earned the "very difficult" distinction.
Trace elements in the PMDD helps too I suppose, but this really ain't that
hard to do.....

I've adopted a different feeding regime that has great results.  I turn the
filter off prior to feeding and drop only a few granules of TetraBits in at a
time so there is zero waste.  Phosphates are dropping like a rock and the
algae is definitely strugglinig now.  Feeding every other day is even better.
This finally starting to be a lot more fun....