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Follow-up on Perfecto Sho lights

About a month ago I posted a couple of questions regarding these lights.

Taking a chance, given what I subsequently read here and on other websites,
I purchased a couple of lights.

Two weeks ago I planted a 30 gallon tank with Hygrophila polysperma, Nesaea
crassicaulis (Ammannia senegalensis), and Vallisneria.  pH is 6.6, 55watt
Sho light (5400K), both carbonate and general hardness are 3 (according to
the Aquarium pharmaceuticals test kit), Nitrate looks like zero, 30% weekly
water change with DI water plus supplements and ion replacement.

The plants are responding extremely well.  Both the hygrophila and the
nesaea are taking on a 'rosy' hue and there are branches growing at the leaf
nodes, even those close to the gravel.  No significant algae on glass
(haven't had to clean it yet), or algae bloom in the water.

The tank is brighter than when it had 40 watts lifeglo plus 20 watts flora
glow.  (It's obvious.)

So far, I would say that the lights appear to be doing an excellent job.

Just thought I'd report on my experience with this new product.

Dr. Momfish