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Any Tropica Master Grow experiences??

>I've already searched the archives and read all that came up on this
>fertilizer. Are there people out there that would share their experiences as
>to dosing and cautions and results using the Tropica Master Grow in their
>plant/fish aquariums? I have ordered a 250ML bottle to try, after not
>getting good results from the other "popular" supplements 

I switched to TMG several years ago, after using Dupla products for years.
While I was never dissatisfied with Dupla, I like the TMG even better.  For
my water it seems to grow plants a little better, and being lazy, I like
doind weekly instead of daily.  

The interesting thing is that even though I believe Dupla is lower in K
than Mastergrow, there must have been something else lower in the Dupla
product that limited my growth, because now, even with the Mastergrow, I
need to add K from time to time.  When discussing this with Claus
Christensen, he pointed out the same thing that we've talked about several
times here.  When a manufacturer designs a fertilizer, they try to work out
their best guess as to what will work best for the majority of people's tap
water.  There will always be the need to adjust slightly in high growth
tanks.  And just because one product works best for me, doesn't mean it
will work best for you.  It will depend on what minerals are available in
your tap water and through other sources. (fish food, substrate, etc.)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association