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Ophiopogon japonicus


I've just set up my first planted tank (and first non-turtle aquarium) and
went to the shop today to get the plants.  Amongst other plants that I
recognise as being aquatic (a couple of Echinodorus, a Cryptocoryne amongst
others) they sold me an Ophiopogon japonicus.  Not recognising the name I
went to Tropica (no mention), and then actwin and the krib.  Actwin states
the plant is blacklisted (non-aquatic), and the krib describes it as a bog
plant with 12 month lifespan underwater.  

My question is this: Should I remove the plant (the aquarium is at present
sparsely planted - I'd rather leave it in if possibe)?  Is 12 months a
reasonable expectation?  And finally, will leaving it in until the other
plants have established themselves/grown a bit bigger have any negative
(Alright, it wasn't one question, but... :) )

For what it's worth, the tank is a 60l model, the water here is regarded as
soft (no, I don't know how soft, but I didn't have the money on me to buy
the test _and_ the plants - I'll get one soon), and the pH is somewhere
between 6.5 and 7.  (My test is no more accurate than that.)  Lighting is
limited at present (20W), but I plan to boost it as soon as my bank balance
gets over the demon combination of rent/transport/new aquarium.  There are
no fish in the tank at the moment, but I plan to put in a few (8-10) tetras
and some variety of bottom feeder.

Jim Cheesman