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On January 2, 1999 I posted the following.

"As an aside, I stopped fertilizing one 30 gallon tank about two
weeks ago. The cyanobacteria has moved in and is starting to
coat the leaves of the Nomaphila stricta. Tonight I have resumed
the PMDD. Watch the blue-green recede as oxygen levels rise in
the aquarium. This is not a particularly healthy aquarium, and
one could thatch a roof with the BBA. Any bets on the length of
time this will take?"

The result:

The tank was clear at the beginning of this week so it took about
eight days. During that time I twice accidentally unplugged the
filter cutting all circulation and CO2 fertilization for twenty-
four hours thus stalling the recovery. However, the plants
responded to the PMDD and the cyanobacteria wilted on the leaves.
After it died I did my water change. Blue-green algae growth is
very easy to manipulate, at least those species I have housed.

The BBA is still flourishing.

There is one 15 gallon tank where blue-green algae sometimes gets
a hold. The swords grow very well in the dirt substrate, but no
CO2 is added to the soft water and I've never noticed any "bubbling"
due to the plants. It has lots of light, similar circulation to the
30 gallon tank and is fed sparingly.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca