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Erythromycin for Cyanobacteria

>My LFS keeps antibiotics under the counter, for some reason.  I told Chris
>(owner) that I needed erythromycin.  He asked me why, as he reached under
>the counter to reveal a large tub of filled, gelatin capsules.  I told him
>'Blue Green Algae'.  He nodded in sympathy, and gave me three capsules.
>"Each capsule treats 30 gallons, use one once a week for three weeks" (I had
>decided enough was enough with my 26 gallon tank).
>I've read on the Krib this morning where you are supposed to use Maracyn
>every day for 5 days.  This is different than what I'm doing.  I want some
>reassurance that what I'm doing is correct. 

Different people use it different ways.  It's hard to know from what you've
said what the dosage is of the capsule you have.  (that's one good thing
about buying something in a package or from a vet<g>)  I don't remember
what the strength of the Maracyn tablets are... I don't have any around as
I haven't used it in several years.  But you could easily look at a package
at the LFS and see if your dealer knows the strength of the capsules he
gave you.  

I have never had to dose a tank with Maracyn for more than two days to wipe
out a cyanobacteria infestation.  In most cases, a single dose is enough.
I think most of the people who advocate dosing for multiple days use a half
strength dose.  I'm not sure what their reasoning is for this.  I'd rather
get it over with.<g>  In any case, remember that it _CAN_ suppress your
bacterial filter.  Particularly if you haven't removed most of the
cyanobacteria before you treated, or if the tank is heavily stocked, be
ready to step in with water changes and Amquel at the first sign of
distress in your fish.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association