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Root growth in Flourite

Greg Morin wrote:

>Well let me try and allay your concern with a thousand words... a 
>picture that is... a close up shot of the root system of an uprooted 
>plant (someone here was trimming back their tank) that is holding on 
>too so much Flourite you can still hardly see the roots even after 
>shaking it several times. I'll post this picture at 

Hi Greg,  I'm not in any way questioning the growth of this particular
plant, but isn't the plant in the photo an Anubias?  I would like to point
out that Anubias roots are fairly atypical in that they do best in an
aerobic situation.  They are perfectly capable of holding onto quite large
stones because they are adapted to living in the rocky edges of fast moving
streams.  They also have no need for any fertility in the substrate.  The
roots of Anubias are perfectly able to extract the nutrients they need
directly from the water column.  Do you have photos of root growth of more
typical substrate feeders like Cryptocoryne or Echinodorus sp.?

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association