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Re: Tank Lifetimes

Michael writes:

> I was just reading an article in Aquarium Frontiers where the author
>  contends that in reef tanks there is a period of best health/growth of the
>  corals.  This is from 6 to 18 months.  After this the tank begins a very
>  slow decline in coral growth, polyp extension, etc.

IMHO, this should be interpreted as :  My tanks take six months to get going.
After18 months, the growth slows for reasons I haven't figured out.  Since I
am the author of this article and I want to sound authoritative, I will simply
say that this is the effective life of a coral reef tank, after which time you
will have to tear yours down, because that's what I have to do, and I'm
supposed to be the authority here.

As Always, YMMV

I have seen "dutch" plant tanks which were lush after fifteen years.  With
today's wealth of knowledge, approaches, and products, you should be able to
find something that will keep a tank going strong for a very long time,
whether you are working with freshwater planted aquariums or coral tanks.

Bob Dixon