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Re: Stagnant Growth

Kelly Beard wrote:

>When I had my Barclaya Long. in my 20 gallon, it was the best plant in
>there, aside from the monstrous Amazon Sword.  It grew so well that  I was
>able to sell 3 large ones back to the LFS where I had originally bought the
>first one (I'm proud to say that I got shocked and amazed looks from the
>staff when they saw them!).  After I broke that tank down to setup my 75
>gallon, I moved everything over.
>Well, a couple of months down the road everything is not well.  My Barclaya
>is still alive and is producing flower stalks, but it is not growing new
>leaves.  In my 20 gallon I did nothing special - I used PMDD and Seachem
>Florish tabs in the substrate.  Here is a quick run down on the differences
>between my 20 gallon and 75 gallon:20 gallon:40 watts of GE Chroma 50s.
>2" Pea sized gravel (medium)PMDD and Seachem Florish tabs75 gallon:
>220 watts of URI AquaSuns
>4" "BB" sized gravel with DuplaRit laterite in bottom 3rd
>Duplaplant tabs at water change, Duplaplant 24 drops and Seachem

Hi Kelly,

I'm very interested to know more about what happened in your 20 and 75 gal.
tanks re: growth. I may not have understood you correctly but did you say
that the better growth was in the tank with the PMDD as opposed to the Dupla
products? This is interesting to me in light of my concern over safe levels
of NTA. I would appreciate it very much if you could confirm this for me as
I have yet to use either product and would like to know more first. Also,
what fertilizers were you using in your 26 gal. that is now being treated
for cyanobacteria? In regards to your problem there I would like to tell you
that a new experimental product brought to our attention by Ranya Bey has
cured algae and bacterial problems for me now in a quarantine tank. It is
"Citricide" and is touted by its manufacturers to be an alternative to
antibiotics and so far, I have no reason to disbelieve them. My experimental
dose is 3 drops/10 gal. and has killed bacterial finrot, not harmed newborn
fry and not destroyed a biological filter since its addition 5 days ago. It
is way too early to be sure of the outcome and have not yet tried this
dosage in a fully planted tank. After a partial water change today in my
main tank, I will add it and keep everyone posted as to its affects. I must
treat this tank before re-introducing the recovering fish in order to
prevent re-infecting her. The really good news is that I can definately
report reduced sludge and algae in the quarantine tank as well.

Susan Romano