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Stagnant plants

When I had my Barclaya Long. in my 20 gallon, it was the best plant in
there, aside from the monstrous Amazon Sword.  It grew so well that  I was
able to sell 3 large ones back to the LFS where I had originally bought the
first one (I'm proud to say that I got shocked and amazed looks from the
staff when they saw them!).  After I broke that tank down to setup my 75
gallon, I moved everything over.

Well, a couple of months down the road everything is not well.  My Barclaya
is still alive and is producing flower stalks, but it is not growing new
leaves.  In my 20 gallon I did nothing special - I used PMDD and Seachem
Florish tabs in the substrate.  Here is a quick run down on the differences
between my 20 gallon and 75 gallon:

20 gallon:
40 watts of GE Chroma 50s.
2" Pea sized gravel (medium)
PMDD and Seachem Florish tabs

75 gallon:
220 watts of URI AquaSuns
4" "BB" sized gravel with DuplaRit laterite in bottom 3rd
Duplaplant tabs at water change, Duplaplant 24 drops and Seachem Florish

Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti
President, Allanti Cycling Club - http://www.allanti.com 
I/T, IBM Global Services