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RE: Terralit

Dave is wondering about Terralit -

> I got hold of some Terralit cheap. Is it a fair assumption that
> this substrate additive is just a version of laterite and nothing
> more?

Dave, I've used Terralit in a number of tanks over the past few years. It is
a compound material, I wouldn't call it a "version of laterite". If you look
at it closely, you will see that it is composed of granules of at least four
different colors (of course, AB could just have added dye to give those
colors, but I somehow doubt that they do this). The rust colored particles
might be laterite, but then again they might be something else entirely.

It may _act_ in a fashion similar to laterite, i.e. as a binding site for
nutrients within the substrate. In fact, they do state on the box that this
is one function of Terralit. But it also contains a fertilizer component,
again clearly stated on the box (of course, no breakdown of the mineral
nutrients provided is given).

Terralit is one component of Aqualine Buschke's line of plant products, the
others being Terrapur cones (another substrate additive) and Floreal and
Ferreal (both liquid fertilizers). AB seems to have quite an extensive
product line but as they are distributed by Red Sea, information about it is
hard to get. Aqualine Buschke does not have a WWW site of it's own and Red
Sea has never responded to any of my enqiries about the product.

Aqualine Buschke is one of the lines which I intend to study in my tanks,
and hopefully compare it to Dupla and Seachem product lines. But as I've
said, I've used it and would use it again. I got good results when I used it
alone (that's a reference to my 120 gallon disaster tank, which I described
recently) and would use it again without hesitation.


James Purchase