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Re: Grapefruit seed extract ("Citricide")

Mark said:

>Grapefruit seed is touted on several natural health sources as effective
>against bacteria, protozoa, yeast, mildew and just about everything. The
>concentations used are higher than would be economical in an aquarium ( 1
>drop per Oz approx).
>My wife uses it to "disinfect" raw chicken and turkey before feeding it to
>our cats so I may set up a tank and try it on algae and see if the
>biological filter survives.
>The reference to the salmon roe cited can be found at:
>The active component appears to be Diphenol hydroxybenzene and the safety
>data can be found at
>Mark Hack

Hi Mark,

I am experiencing good luck so far with "Citricide". A female platy of mine
went into a 10 gal. quarantine tank recently on account of bacterial finrot.
She was treated with methylene blue successfully and then returned to the
main tank. She was reinfected quickly in spite of the fact that this tank
appears perfect in every way and no other fish have yet been infected. I put
her back into the 10 gal. quarantine tank along with the remaining 4 fry she
had while there.  Three drops of
"Citricide" were added a few days ago and so far she is on the mend, the fry
are fine and the biological filter remains intact. I will keep you posted
and would warn against the 1drop per oz. approx.
approach as I feel that could be overkill. The slightly cloudy water that
ensued after the methylene blue treatment has disappeared too along with the
"not right" odour.

Susan Romano