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re: rain water

>the KH (12) & GH (14) of my tap water are to high, I looked at reserve
>osmose equipment but this looks like an expensive methode - not to
>mention the waste of water (only 1/4 ratio)
>what about just using rain water (collected via the roof of the house &
>stored in a 7000 l concrete 'barrel')
>I live in Europe, Brussels, and am worried about pollution.

With respect to planted tanks, there is noting wrong with your water
hardness values.
Even one of the authors of TOA, in a subsequent publication, says that a KH
of 8-15 is optimal.
(I don't have to the book in front of me, but I can get the reference if
someone wants it.)

On the other hand, your water is lousy for breeding neons.

Michael Eckardt
"The only reason people want to be masters of the future
is to change the past." M. Kundera