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For Dupla folks - Duplaplant tablet question

I use RO or DI water for water changes.  My usual formula is to take the
water which is stored in 5 gallon jugs, and add the following - 1/4tsp
baking soda,  1/2 tsp RO Right (which I might bump down to 1/4tsp) and 1
Duplaplant tablet, crushed in a motar/pestle.

Last week I decided to use my iron test kit (LaMotte).  I got a small shock
when it read .5ppm iron.  I wondered how this could happen because a
previous measurement put me right at .1ppm.  I thought I was using too much
Duplaplant drops (4-6 drops daily), but I had a hunch first.

I mixed up a 5 gallon jug of DI water, crushed up a tablet and mixed and let
the water sit for a while.  I tested the iron last night - something like
.6ppm iron.  Now, I bought the 50 count tube of tablets from Pet's
Warehouse.  It says it treats 250 gallons.  250 gallons / 50 tablets =
5 gallons per tablet.

So, if the magic number is .1ppm iron, then what's the deal?  Maybe the test

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