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RE micro anubias

A couple of weeks ago my LFS got in a plant they called the micro anubias.
It looked just like var. nana but was a lot smaller. The guy at the store
said he only gets them every couple of years, thus justifying the $20 price
for a single(tiny)potted plant. Does anyone out there know the scientific
name for this plant or better yet where to find them mailorder for a more
reasonable price.

I am no expert on plants but all I can say is that this is probably just
asmall specimenof anubias var. nana.

i could find nothing on the net on micro anubias.

If this 'dishonest' business man really did believe that this tiny low
light plant was worth such a lot then surely he would set up a 10 gallon
tank with A fluoresecent tube and grow thousands of dollars worth of this
stuff weekly!
Maybe if he was greedy he could do it in a 20 gallon tank with 2 !!!!

Don't waste your money on 20 dollars worth of a tiny pot plant is all I can

Regards all,

Daniel green
Perth, W Australia.
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au