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Could BG algae cause green water?

Three weeks ago I broke down a 38x18x18 (55gal) tank, partly to install
a profile/sand substrate and partly to deal with a strange algae
problem.  The algae had two facets, one was a tendency to turn the water
cloudy green the other was to form small BG colored bundles (as opposed
to large classic BG sheets) on plant leaves and other surfaces - mainly
toward the top of the tank.  I noticed that when the plants were
disturbed the bundles would break up into smaller particles and the
water would become cloudier.

After a week or so the water in the now clear tank started to go cloudy,
white cloudy at first then slightly green.  I noticed very small amounts
of the material the old bundles were made of, only in a slightly
different form (smaller and in 3-4mm hair formations on glass).

I understand that BG algaeís sometimes exist in a planktonic form and
that their ability to form larger communal structures is dependent upon
nutrient availability.

I am unsure if the situation in my tank is due to BG in itís planktonic
form or regular green water algae.  As a result I am in a dilemma as to
whether to use ABís or turn the lights off (neither of which I relish
doing).  So does anyone recognize the situation I am talking about?.
Anyone know if BG are stable in the planktonic form or if they must
return to either the UMB or slime congregation state?.  Thank you.

Tank water at present: NO3 - 4.4ppm; Fe - .13ppm: Kh - 3.5: GH - 4

David Brooks