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RE:micro Anubias/CO2 Tap water

I,as probably many others,have this so-called micro variety. Without
having seen it ,it might be a "new" Anubias .The chances are small
though .Most likely it is new growth after a shock to the plant's
rhizome. If the A. nana loses most to all of it's leaves and still has a
healthy root stock/rhizome,it often will grow out "micro-plantlets" from
the rhizome. This especially happens when the terminal end(growing end)
is cut from the plant. Cutting off the "old" end and leaving it in a
corner of the tank for a month or two does this micro nana type growth.
I'm sure many of us would love to keep them this small permanently but
they grow up eventually but this takes awhile and they are still very
     I would not pay 20$ basically and the guy at the shop is most
likely full of beans- but you never know ! I would have no problem
parting with "micro-Anubias" for 20$ a batch!! That's alot for ANY plant
and I'm very skeptical at best that it is a new type/species.

Tap water is often loaded with more than CO2. Sometimes this is good for
plants and sometimes it's bad depending on the supply of water. I'm
lucky -I have great water in my area but this isn't always the case. I
believe in large water changes as a rule whether it's plant tanks/Reefs
tanks.Calicum ,CO2, and other nutrients are in the TAP water and water
changes certainly help level out differances.But the inside the tank
many plant hindering chemicals given off by competing plant species are
building up along with other waste. Lightening the waste load allows
many incompatible plants to be grown together also even if you do
everything else perfect with dosing nutients/light etc. This can be a
good reason for the infamous "stalled tank"or stunted plants when
everything should seem fine. I keep a high number of species in many
tanks and do large water changes and this took care of many problems
when I did 50-70% weekly changes .The day of the water change all the
plants grow at very high rates and this can be seen by the O2 given off
and in the CO2 reactors dissolving time level.When in doubt , do a water
change !
Tom Barr      AGA