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Re: Flourite and complex substrates

> And Justin Colin wants more info on Flourite -
>> What is Flourite made of,
>> anyway, and, other than the obvious corporate interest, why does
>> Seachem recommend not
>> using it with any substrate additives?
> Where is Greg Morin when we need him? <g>

Hmmm... how'd I miss that one :-) In any case you answered this quite 
well James. I would just add, we don't recommend mixing Flourite with 
(a) other plain gravel and (b) laterite for the following reasons:

(a) we don't recommend it, but we also say if you are going to mix 
it, any such mixtures should be at least 50% Flourite and this is so 
the user gets at least a minimal benefit from using the Flourite...

(b) like James said, you can use laterite with Flourite if you want, 
but there really is no reason to, you're just wasting money on 
laterite since the Flourite provides a vast excess of iron to begin 

-Greg Morin

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