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Terrestrial Leaf Loss

>I was wondering about what happens when a plant, that was raised
terrestrially or at
>least partially out of the water, is submerged.  Eventually, the
terrestrial leaves
>die and fall off right?  What do these leaves look like as they gradually
make way
>for the submerged leaves?  Is it possible that plants in the first one/two
>might look like they are dying, but in fact they are just shedding
>leaves?  What brought this to mind, was a post a few days back, about a
problem with
>older vegetation dying off, but healthy young leaves growing, in a two
month old
>tank.  How can a person tell the difference between an incorrect balance of
>light/CO2/nutrients and this dying off, if it exists?  

Basically, a healthy plant under good growth conditions should grow new
submersed vegetation faster than it loses old emersed vegetation.  If the
plant is NOT producing good, healthy submersed leaves as the older leaves
die, something is wrong. Do remember though, that submersed leaves can be
very different in shape color size and texture, so the fact that the leaves
LOOK different is not necessarily a sign of trouble.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association