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Hybrid substrates & Good Anubias Source

	There has already been a fair bit of discussion on this lately
(and in the past!), but let me add just one more opinion:  mixing
substrates can work just fine; however, I recommend you experiment in pots
_first_!  I initially had very poor results mixing Tetra Initial D and
Terralit, possibly because that combination just won't work well at the
proportions I used them, or perhaps because the soil was too acid, my
water too soft and poorly buffered etc.  I'm not sure _why_ this
combination failed, but I am sure I should have tested it with a few
plants in pots first.  At the moment I'm mixing Profiles arcillite,
Seachem's Flourite, and Sera's FloraDepot.  So far, in pots, I'm impressed
w/ the results and may use this combo in the 75 I'm _still_ building a
stand for.  Why am I using this combination? Is it necessary?  Just
because I like to play around w/ substrates. No, it isn't necessary.

	Bottom line: try it in some pots first before committing a tank to
any substrate combo. That is, if you want to play it safe(er).

	James Purchase:  hmm good name for your profession <g>... like you
haven't heard that one before.  BTW, yes, Profile's product is small and
rather greyish/brownish.  Doesn't look particularly unnatural, but
certainly not as attractive as Flourite.


	There's a fellow who sells gorgeous Anubias plants from a small
outfit called 100 ... something.  His name is Tony and I'm not sure he
sells to individuals.  Erik O. knows (and I hope remembers) the details.