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CO2 from tapwater

At 03:48 PM 1/12/99 -0500, you wrote:
>What does anyone think about this?  Is there enough Potassium in the Club
Soda to make a real
>difference or do you guys think that it is a lack of co2?  Can anyone
suggest an other
>experiments to try?  Is the best bet to get some more test kits?  I do have
a little bit of
>BBA in the tank but it is neither growing nor subsiding very quickly.
(which might indicate
>something with the phosphate levels).

Tapwater has a fair bit of CO1 in it. Thats probably whats doing it.

I've noticed that people who have their tanks on "system"
(constant influs of fresh water from the tap, owerflow goes
down the drain) seem to be able to grow anything with sero
effort. Any why not? Higher CO2, stable water chemistry
(no buildup buildup buoldup *flush* 50% water change
buildup buildup) - it more closely resembles nature.

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