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fossilisation AND laterite

I've limited knowledge of the fossilisation process.  I know it can 
happen a couple ways, some are calcareous, some are not.  This is an 
even more irresponsible guess but, I think the other process involves 
magnesium and its minerals and STUFF.  

I read the Jan FAMA with horror also.  In the article on large planted 
tanks, the author did not advocate the use of laterite.  Suddenly I had 
a feeling I'd been brainwashed by this wonderful resource, don't worry, 
I believe you all that it works.  But the question is why doesn't the 

Colin Anderson

PS, by the way, my duty experience on mail order from the US was about 
two years ago on couriered merchandise just as Mr. Purchase suggested.

PSS, Does anyone know what has become of Schoeler Enterprises, the site 
is still there, so's the email, but there's no response to a question I 

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