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Re: Nitrilotriacetic in Homegrown Hydroponics Iron Chelate Mix

David said:

>I visited a Homegrown Hydroponics Outlet today and took a look
>at the label on the large container from which they fill their
>Micronutrient Mix orders. The source is listed as a company out
>of Ancaster, Ontario (forgot the name), but the ingredients are
>identical to those listed by Plant Products Ltd. The salesperson
>said that he thought that the mix was supplied by the latter in
>spite of the name. In any case I saw no reference to chelates
>other than DTPA and EDTA, i.e. no NTA.
>They also sell a line of Sunmaster metal halide lamps which,
>from the description and specifications, appear to be Venture
>5200 K daylight lamps. The 250 watt lamp is measured at 19000
>initial lumens and 81 PAR watts. Interestingly both the 4100 K
>neutral and the 5200 K daylight lamps list the same PAR values
>when burned base up (if you trust the measurements). They appear
>more reasonably priced than the pet shops.
>Dave Whittaker
>ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca


I called back to Homegrown Hydroponics in Mississauga and the fellow said
that NTA was not in their chelated iron mix. However, the woman who I spoke
with a few days ago had read me the specs off of the Safety Data Sheet
apparently,and not off the bulk package that the guy had looked at. I am not
a chemist and because I've not heard nitrilotriacetic mentioned here before,
I did a search on the net and found the warnings that I mentioned about that
chemical. If you ask them to check the Safety Data Sheet on their Chelated
Iron Mix it is there in a percentage of 0.5-1.5 %. The same lady at the
store verified this information again today. BTW, I also called Plant
Products in Brampton and Kathy in Sales said that it is not in their

Susan Romano