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Good Anubias Supply in January

In regards to Carlos' question regarding Arizona Aquatic Garden's supply during
winter, I just ordered from them and they had everything I ordered.  They did delay
my shipment a week to make sure they had everything, but as I ordered over the
holidays, I wasn't too surprised.  They are really good about updating their web page
(http://www.azgardens.com/) and will tell you over the phone, when you order, if they
do not have any more of a plant.  I found the support staff to be really helpful and
nice, the prices were reasonable, and the plants were in incredible shape when they
came in.  I really appreciated the advice more than anything, as I was purchasing my
first batch of plants for a planted tank ever, and I had no idea how far one amazon
sword would go!  Reading in a book is one thing, but it was good to have the person
growing the plants tell you how big a plant will get.  Considering the cold weather
and flight delays between Arizona and Maryland, the condition of the plants I
recieved was incredible.  They put a heating pack with the plants so that they
wouldn't get too cold.  Just so you know, they pack the plants in wet newspaper and
then in a sealed plastic bag, which is somewhat different than some mail-order
places, I think.  Remember to order before Tuesday, 12:00 to have your plants shipped
that Friday.  

I did not order any anubias, so I don't how AAG's anubias are.  They all seem really
expensive and as this tank is just starting up, I figured a slow-growing plant like
anubias wouldn't be a wise choice.  (I am trying to avoid the dreaded algae wars)  If
everything goes well, I will slowly add more exotic and neat plants, but for now
cheap, hardy, and fast-growing sound good.  I do admit that I gave in to temptation a
little and bought something I wanted, but hey, that is part of the fun, right?  

Oh, the plants I bought:
Marsilea crenata, Echinodorus tennellus, Sagittaria sublata, Cryptocorne willisii,
Echinodorus parv. Tropica, Didiplis diandra, Valisneria spiralis (corkscrew),
Valisnerai sp. contortion, Hygrophila difformis, Hygrophila polysperma, Hygrophila
rosanerus, Dwarf Onions, Hornwort, Gymnocoronis spilanthoides, Java Fern, Echinodorus
major (ruffle sword), and an Aponogeton ulvaceus bulb.

I would have to recommend Cryptocorne willisii.  It is absolutely lovely.  The guy I
ordered from asked me if I wanted any Cryptocornes and when I hesitated, he said I
would absolutely love willisii.  He was definately right!  It is really delicate with
pinkish stems and small dark green leaves and a really good purchase.  The pictures
just don't do it justice.

Jennifer Glover
(lurker coming out of hiding, now that the tank actually has water in it)

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 10:30:43 -0600
From: Carlos Munoz <cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>
Subject: Good Anubias Supply in January

> I'm thinking of mail-ordering various anubias, but there have been some 
> anecdotes on this list hinting that Arizona Aquatic Gardens (AAG) has 
> had some difficulties with orders during the winter.  Anubias tend to 
> be pricier, so I figured I'd ask around before ordering.
> >From other testimonials on this list, I understand that normally AAG 
> is an excellent source.  Does anyone have anecdotes from *this* winter?  
> I'm wondering if they've improved recently.  Also has anyone ever had 
> problems with their *anubias* orders (being a commonly stocked and 
> hardy plant) from AAG?
> Are there any other places that have seasonal troubles due to either 
> climate, stock demand or shipping that I should avoid right now?
> On the positive side, any places with particularly good Anubias 
> selections, speciment quality, shipping policies, prices better than 
> AAG, etc.?
> I'm not looking to start a bitch-and-moan session, but I'm interested
> in hearing some warnings and suggestions before I place a big order. If 
> you've already sent a rant or testimonial to the list about AAG or other 
> places, let me know and I'll look it up in the archives by your name.

> Carlos E. Munoz 
> <cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>

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