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Black BGA in plantless tank

Kelly Beard wrote:

>This may be considered off-topic, but it's about pseudo-algae.  I have what
>I think is BGA growing in my 26 gallon tank, but there's a difference.  The
>stuff is black.  Not dark green, but black.  It is easy to remove with a
>siphon.  I am going to experiment with this tank and try Maracyn.
>Anybody seen black BGA before?   Very unsightly.

Cyanobacteria comes in many colors.  Ever see the bright red stuff that
grows in marine tanks?<g>  I have dark maroon-bordering on black
cyanobacteria that coats the waterfall in my paludarium.  It's been there
for years.  I used to fight with it, worried that it would move into other
sections of the tank.  It doesn't  This species seems to NEED to be in the
highly oxygenated effluent of the filter.  I figure it helps extract more
nutrients on the way down.<g>

Oh, back to the main point.  Yes, Maracyn will kill it.  The reason that
doesn't work in my paludarium is that there are so many cracks and crevices
of damp rock where the cyanobacteria can retreat and wait for another day.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association