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Re: Nitrilotriacetic in Homegrown Hydroponics Iron Chelate Mix

I visited a Homegrown Hydroponics Outlet today and took a look
at the label on the large container from which they fill their
Micronutrient Mix orders. The source is listed as a company out
of Ancaster, Ontario (forgot the name), but the ingredients are
identical to those listed by Plant Products Ltd. The salesperson
said that he thought that the mix was supplied by the latter in
spite of the name. In any case I saw no reference to chelates
other than DTPA and EDTA, i.e. no NTA.

They also sell a line of Sunmaster metal halide lamps which,
from the description and specifications, appear to be Venture
5200 K daylight lamps. The 250 watt lamp is measured at 19000
initial lumens and 81 PAR watts. Interestingly both the 4100 K
neutral and the 5200 K daylight lamps list the same PAR values
when burned base up (if you trust the measurements). They appear
more reasonably priced than the pet shops.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca