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"Citricidal" GSE(re: algae control)


>From: "romano" <romano at pathcom_com>
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>Subject: "Citricidal" GSE(re: algae control)
>Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 23:51:36 -0800
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>Ranya Bey said:
>>FWIW I ran across this site: http://www.nutriteam.com/water.htm, scroll
>>down to fish tank algaecide. Perhaps someone on this list will know if
>>this is viable for planted tanks. Also reads as an interesting
>>possibility  for a quarantine tank. (I have no connections whatsoever
>>with this site.)
>I am intrigued by the possibilities of natural algae control and  bacteria
>control with the "Citricidal" grapefruit seed extract that is referred to at
>the website you mentioned. One of my platies recently developed a bacterial
>form of finrot in my display tank. No other fish were affected, so I removed
>her to a quarantine tank and proceeded to use methylene blue which I'm glad
>to say worked very well. Antibiotics have rarely worked well in the past,
>I've found, and methylene blue kills plants if dosed as the manufacturers
>suggest. So... today I bought a bottle of "Citricical". I emailed the
>company and they have no specifics to offer as to dosage. My platy had
>babies in the quarantine tank and by the time she was ready to return to the
>main tank only four were left. I'm afraid they are about to become
>guinea-fish for this product. I added one drop to the10 gal. tank. This is a
>very concentrated liquid and I'll start very cautiously. I've always
>observed a clear, slippery film on the airline to my DIY CO2 and if this
>disappears and no algae ever appears in the next few months, I will
>certainly let you know. I will dose 1 drop at each partial water change and
>test for ammonia every day for a couple of weeks. Thankyou for a
>potential problem-solver. This product has many interesting health benefits
>for people too.
>Susan Romano