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Non-existant nitrate and phosphates?????????

I make it a point to occasionally monitor nitrate and phosphate levels in my
75 gallon tank, which is CO2 injected and has 220 watts of lighting.  I use
a Seachem phosphate test and LaMotte nitrate/nitrogen test kit.  From what I
can tell, I get no reading on either test.  What symptoms should I be
looking for in nitrate and phosphate deficiencies?  I have raw ingredients
to make PMDD, although right now I am using Duplaplant tablets and Dupla 24

On another note, the tank was overrun with algae a couple of months ago, and
still has plenty left, although it seems to be retreating.  It started out
with BBA which grew on my A. Sword.  In frustration I pulled the thing up
and threw it in the backyard to become compost.  I cannot get SAEs locally,
for some reason, and have not ordered any via the web.  The hair algae went
away, and a green slime started to grow on the gravel.  This is not BGA, but
something else.  It grows all over plants and if a plant grows to the water
surface, the algae resembles 'pond scum'.  Bubbly and kinda mushy, but not
slimy.  It seems to be in retreat as well.  I also have BGA, which
apparently likes to grow on Cabomba.  My plan is to pull up the Cabomba
tonight and trash it.  It doesn't seem to be advancing on any other plants
at the moment.

Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti
President, Allanti Cycling Club - http://www.allanti.com 
I/T, IBM Global Services