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name that deficiency

I am running into a nutrient deficiency I have not had to deal with
previously, and it's got me stumped:

1. H. polysperma, H. zosteriofolia, and Rotala sp. are curving their main
stems _downwards_??
2. New growth of H. polysperma and R. macandra shows signs of calcium or
boron deficiency - i.e. small, deformed leaves. I am certain that there is
enough Ca in the water, but I don't know about the boron levels.
3. Riccia and frogbit are wasting away, with yellow leaves. The frogbit
leaves look like they were damaged with pincers (weird).
4. The older leaves on Anubias barteri are slowly yellowing.
5. some leaves of various stem plants look as if they have a manganese
deficiency - yellowing of the tissue, while the veins stay green.

Data points: nitrate readings are in the 5 ppm range, iron is non-detectable
with my 3 year old Sera test kit (I assume there is enough iron in the water
because a) R. macandra is red, and b) there's an abundance of hair algae).
Tank size 60 gal with 100 Watts of 4100K T8-light (it's lots! The plants
perl continuously, R. macandra and E. tenellus are red, and Hydrotriche
hottoniiflora is doing really well.) Phosphates are btw 1-5 ppm.
There's no indication of K deficiency. Substrate is gravel with
clay/Duplarit/Jobe sticks.

Any idea what's going on???

Michael Eckardt
"The only reason people want to be masters of the future
is to change the past." M. Kundera