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Justin's substrate ideas

Justin wrote:

>> At the risk of setting off substrate wars round XXXXXVI, I'll ask this

<gigantic snip>

I don't think you'll set off a war, Justin, but I'm surprized you would
even consider such a mix of stuff after all the information posted here. I
believe one of the most emphasized thing on this digest is: pick a method
and go with it.

Take James Purchase's advice and don't put a witches brew in your lovely
new tank. And about the worm castings: I believe that Steve Pushak
experimented with this and has said quite some time ago that it is not a
good idea.. too rich by far. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

And please, if there are folks out there with a "witches brew" that works
wonderfully don't send a foaming-at-the-mouth-response. Anyone can get
lucky. Your own particular water conditions can make a difference. It's
only a *recommendation* that someone setting up a new tank not do this...
not a law. The choice goes to the aquarist.

in Vancouver