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identification filamentous algaes

I have been trying to identify the algae in my tank for some time.
I had lots of help from the group but I am still not sure.
Different people give similar descriptions for different algaes and
conversely conflicting description for the same algaes.
I have also noted some pretty knowledgeable folk out there have also
been struggling to figure out what they are dealing with.
The write up in the Krib is an excellent resource but it has not got
pictures and there are several questions left after reading it.

So here is a proposal...
I think what we need are pictures with full descriptions, biological
controls and chemical controls etc, etc. 
I am prepared to do the write up if others can supply the brain power
and photos.  
I don't know where the best place for this product to reside is but
maybe people have suggestions.

Alternatively, if anyone knows if such a resource already exists... 
could we get some web addresses.

Assuming there is not such a resource though,
this would take care of may of the ongoing, repetitive 
questions which our experts must field. 

Your comments on this idea are encouraged.
Best Regards, 
Bill Hamlin