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drying algae

>When I told my local aquarium store guy that I was bleaching today, he
>told me I did not have to worry about bleaching anything I can dry out
>for 24 hours.  If this is true it would simplify the process.  There are
>so many nooks and crannies that are hard to bleach especially parts like
>the under plastic rim of the tank top, inside pumps etc.
>Can the various filamentous algaes withstand drying?

I tried this and let a really small algae infested tank that I use to grow
dry out last summer. I refilled it a few months later and within a coupe of
weeks all the algae was back. I don't have it in any other tank, and did not
add any water except the initial dose of tapwater tofill the tank. So, I'd
say yes, very much so.

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