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Re: Science Project

sierrahotel wrote:
>>My son is considering a science fair project using a DIY CO2 to compare
plant growth in parallel tanks with and without CO2.  Any suggestions as
to what sort of plant, substrate, fertilization etc. should be used
would be appreciated.   We are thinking elegans (elodea)<<

Elodea is a good choice for a number of reasons:  Its straightforward
structure allows easy measurement of growth, it is not very dependent upon
substrates so that variable can be left out entirely, its growth rate is
phenomenal which allows you to observe noticable differences in growth rate
in a short period of time.

My only concern with this plant is it generally prefers harder, more
alkaline water, and while I'll let someone with exact and accurate
information step in here (please?) I believe elodea can effectively utilize
CaCo3 as a carbon source rather than depending upon free Co2.  I'm not sure
what effect this would have on the outcome of the experiment, but it's
something to think about.