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Re: Trace Element Testing

Karen Randall wrote:

IMO, You need Nitrate, KH (_mandatory_ if you are supplementing CO2) and
pH if all you keep is low-moderate light, slow growth tanks.  If you keep
high light/fast growth tanks, I would add phosphate to the "must have"
list, with iron a close second. 

I have a question. I keep a planted discus tank, and I peat filter my
water. This will throw off most KH measurements that you make because
you will be titrating both the HCO3- and the humic substances from
the peat. Does anyone have any suggestions in this case?

I have done some CO2 injection. I just monitored the pH to make sure
it didn't drop too low or too fast and watched my fish to make sure
they weren't at the time of the tank by morning. Somewhat crude, but
it did work. (I stopped CO2 injecting because I didn't like maintaining
the CO2 yeast reactor and didn't want to spend the money to buy a
tank and regulator. I might try to build something that dips HCl
(Muraic acid) into a solution of  Na2CO3 (baking soda). )

Thanks for your help.

Joe Sachleben
jsachleb at chemistry_mps.ohio-state.edu