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Supplementing K

Neil wrote:

>YOU got the N and S right, but I was suggesting Sodium Nitrate. I don't
>think there is not a chemical called nitrogen sulfate.

Oops.  Thanks for the correction.

>I am intrigued by your comment about Potassium deficiency and TMG. Do you
>dose at label recommendations or less? What were the symptons that Claus

I believe it was yellow spots on older leaves.  He suggested first raising
the amount of TMG that I used (I was already dosing at recommended levels)
and if that didn't work dosing the K separately.  I tried some K2SO4 and
that worked pretty well but since I was also using the jobes sticks in the
substrate from time to time to supplement N, I got "brave"<g> and started
using KNO3 directly in the water column.  I haven't had any problems with
it, and it has definitely helped.
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association