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South African Marsilea; Marsilea cultivation

Hello All:

> from your previous description, i knew taht the species you were talking about
> was not schelpiana, which is smaller and has narrower "fronds" or "leaves"
> (sorry, my fern terminology is not so up to date).  it would be great to get
> some macrocarpa introduced into the hobby, it sounds like a great plant, with
> large floating leaves.
> anyone knows where i can find info on cultivating Marsileas?  my friend at the
> botanic garden gave me some but they are not doing well in my 10 gallon tank
> (very acidic and soft water, fine gravel substrate).

Well, considering that they're growing in a natural pond, on a yellow 
clay substrate, and the pond is in a cow pasture, and is regularily 
fertilised by run-off, I suspect they like nitrates and a fine 
clay substrate.


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