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re: algae control

>Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 22:31:40 -0500 (EST)
>From: ranya at webtv_net (ranya bey)
>Subject: re: algae control
>FWIW I ran across this site: http://www.nutriteam.com/water.htm, scroll
>down to fish tank algaecide. Perhaps someone on this list will know if
>this is viable for planted tanks. Also reads as an interesting
>possibility  for a quarantine tank. (I have no connections whatsoever
>with this site.)
I checked out the site to see.... I did not notice anything about killing
algae but not killing plants. It talks about an "algae free fish tank."
I am not testing it in my tank!! <g> 
 I was adventurous during the 80's when I was determined to get rid of my
BBA. I tried several "experimental" algcides I got from the university. I
was desperate. That was before I discovered copper and a good five years
before I got my first SAEs from Heiko.

For any one that like to play with new thing, be my guest to experiment and
report back to the group. Here is the blurb from the web site mentioned:
Fish Tank Algaecide

At very low concentrations, grapefruit seed extract can be a most effective
algaecide for fish tanks, while
offering very low toxicity to fish. As is the relative case with human
consumption, at low concentration
the ingestion of the extract is actually healthful to fish, while
protecting them from infection. 

In one test conducted in South America on coho salmon roes with eyes, Dr.
Carlos Roman, Zoologist for
the Chile Foundation reported, "...the doses between 75 - 200 ppm(of
grapefruit seed extract) do not
effect the viability of the salmon roes." 

Now an algae-free fish tank of any size can be maintained...Without the
fear of toxifying its contents.