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10 gallon low-notech tank

I am helping a friend set up a ten gallon planted tank.  So far He has a
ten gallon tank kitty litter substrate 1.5 inches with a 1 of texblast
over it, and  2 20 watt floresencets over it.  No filtration.  One 50 watt
heater to keep the tank at 76F and DYI CO2 injection.  In the tank I would
like to put a SAE, and otto, and a pair or trio of dwarf corys, to keep
the algae down and the surface of the substrate clean. He want to put in a
pair of apistos. 

I am looking for suggestions of plants that will do well in a 10 gallon
and not grow to big.

this is what I am thinking of to begin with:
some mexican oak  to grow out of the back of the tank.  
1 braizallina sword Spathiphyllum tasson( soppoased to grow out of water)
some scarlet Hygro (suppoasled grow out of the water)
a madagascar lace (doesn't get majestic but grows well in a 10 gallon)
2 or 3 Crypts what ever they have at the LFS


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