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Hybrid substrates?

At the risk of setting off substrate wars round XXXXXVI, I'll ask this question.  I'm assembling the stuff to set up my new 100 gallon, which will have CO2 injection, substrate heating cables, 280w of VHO (to be upgraded to 350w of suspended halides within a year, most
likely), and a well sealed sump (I'm going to experiment with having very little biological filtration.  If it doesn't work out I'll use a small wet/dry).  My question is about the substrate.  Now this may be the worst idea anyone has ever had, but I have 1000 grams of
Duplarit G I plan to use in the bottom 1/3, as per instructions, and I am wondering if any benefit can be gained by mixing in a small amount of peat and/or worm castings.  Not nearly enough to qualify it as a soil substrate, but enough to add more nutrient value and CEC that
the plants can access.  Any thoughts?

The second substrate question I have is that in my 60 gallon I am using a 50/50 mix of Seachem's Flourite and gravel.  I am wondering if there would be any problems with my reusing this, mixed with the laterite, as the bottom layer of the new substrate.  I don't want to have
to go out and buy entirely new gravel, but I'm willing to if this would be a bad idea.


Justin Collins