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Brittle Plants

Hi All,
I have been a lurker on this list and have benefitted from answers to questions posted by others. Example my Green water problem.

I have a question which I hope someone can answer. After I overcame my Green Water, my plants suddenly grew very fast. My Java Ferns sprouted many new leaves and my Vallisneara sent out runners everywhere!

My question is why are the Vals very brittle? They are medium green and some new shoots have curled leaves. Are they short of certain nutrients? I did not dose since the Green Water outbreak (fear of another attack) and have cut back my light level and CO2 dosing slightly.

Can plants be propagating so quickly and yet be starved of nutrients? My substrate is 3.5 inches thick with a bottom 1 inch layer of Commercial (JBL) substrate mix.

Thanks for any (all) help.

Kenny Song - Penang, Malaysia
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