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Chemical Names

Hello, My name is Brian and I'm fairly new to the list.  I've been
subscribing off and on for much of this year, largely while setting up and
maintaining a small tank in the bedroom just to get the hang of aquatic
plant keeping.  I converted a little ten gallon tank from a saltwater
quarantine tank to a plant tank by using the Kitty litter method with some
osmocote(yep, it's worked for nearly a year although the fertility of the
substrate is pretty much gone) .  No major algae problems largely to the
excellent info that i've found here, the archives and the Krib.  While
looking through the fertilizer section in my friendly neighborhood Lowe's
today I saw two chemicals that I hope can be used in PMDD, unfortunately
I'm no chemist, nope not even a class in college, and I don't recognize the
names exactly.  The first was known as "Nitrate of Soda" the second was
"Muriate of Potash K20" both carried the brand name of Hoffmans.  From what
I've read I'm guessing that the muriate of potash is the form of potassium
that I'm looking for although the package said something like "Maximum Cl  
60%".  I've got the epsom salt covered.   I would be very appreciative for
info from anyone who can tell me whether these two chemicals are the ones
that I want.
Thanks  -Brian