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Alan's cleaning methods

Alan Kaufmann wrote:
>Subject: Algae Control?

>Just in case you thought you had heard it all, let me discribe how I
>control my problem algae.  

>Now many of you out there will probably think that I am nuts (and you
>would be right!), but here is the solution I came up with:  When one of
>my Anubis gets heavily coated with black algae I just remove it from its
>tank and drop it into my beautiful planted tank.  WHAT DID HE SAY!?!

Not only do I not think you are "nuts" Alan, but I do the same thing.
Actually I have posted here about it before. (You must have missed it.) My
4 large SAEs clean a large, BBA covered Anubias overnight. I remove it from
my goldfish tank and just drop it down to the bottom of my 50 gallon
tropical tank. I did it again last weekend and once again I forgot to take
a before and after photo... or better yet a video tape. They are truly
amazing. I let the Anubias stay in there for a week to make sure all the
algae eaters (otos, farowellas) get a crack at other sorts of algae that
might be lurking on it. Today I put my very clean plant back in with the
goldfish. I don't worry about the BBA infecting my tank because I know that
it is already in there waiting to spring to life if I remove my SAEs. I
wouldn't be without them.

As an aside: Karen I know you once said you would worry that SAEs that
cleaned a plant so fast were starving. I gave this some thought but it's
hard to believe as they are all nice and round and fat. What's that old
expression? "A hungry fish is a healthy fish?" <g>

in Vancouver