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problem tank

I have a problem tank that I need help with. The tank is 45 gallons with a 2 mm silica base 2.5" thick. The ph is near 7 and the water is soft (80 ppm).
The tank was set up with Tetra initial sticks and flora boost.
The fish population is six dwarf cichlids, two thick lip gouramis and two chinese algae eaters. The fish live almost exclusively on grindal worms, black
worms and white worms with an occasional feeding of flake.

The echinodorus bleheri are doing well, although the new growth is narrower than the original growth. lalaeopsis novaezelandiae is growing rapidly, but
is almost always covered with algae. Most of the cryptocoryne walkeri turned to mush, but new growth is coming up. echinodorus ozelot is chlorotic and I
am now seeing dead patches in leaves that are two months old. Although the echinodorus tennellus is growing like a weed with runners half the length of
the tank the main clump is showing many dead or dying leaves that are fairly high on the plant. I have a blanket of dark green algae (cyanobacter ?) that
is easily removed by siphoning. I found that when the algae was taking off an additional dose of flora boost started the plants growing like mad, and the
algae slowed down. Weeks later when the algae started to take off again I tried the flora boost with no effect. The most distressing thing is that the
ozelot has sufficient damage that it is loosing mass.
Suggestions, comments please.
Harvey Schneider
<harvsch at earthlink_net