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Too technical for Frank

Frank Hillman wrote:
>Subject: Something a bit less technical
>Hoenstly folks, you are guys are in F-16s and I'm in a Piper Cub.  I 
>learn a lot from reading your posts and enjoy them (may not understand 
>them all the time) and I will remain subscribed just to learn but is 
>there an equivalent for us dabblers who aren't into UGH, bleaching the 
>beejeebers out everything that goes into the aquarium and fighting 
>sinister algae types threatening to take over the world?  I'm not talking 
>about a news service (they're not much better than some of the message 
>boards) but a forum such as this?  Anyway thanks alot

Hi Frank,

Nice to have you with us. Sorry you haven't been enjoying the Aquatic Plant
Digest lately. However, this is a discussion type group for those who are
into the hobby. If you don't understand something you can ask questions on
the digest or e-mail the person who confused you and ask them directly to
explain. I can't promise everything will be answered promptly and well but
we try. For more straightforward question and answer type stuff you can go
to the Newsgroup: rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants. For reading at your
leisure and learning lots visit the site: http://www.thekrib.com/

And BTW, this digest gets *much* more technical than the discussions lately! 

in Vancouver