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RE: Karen Randall

> Karen Randall wrote:

>  I dose with trace elements regularly, and N&K
> as needed.

   Really? I thought that you used Tropica Mastergrow. I see that it contains some
K, but you find it necessary to supplement the potassium in Mastergrow? You also
add additional N? In what manner do you do this? Do you feed mostly flake food,
frozen food, or live? Is you fish load abnormally low? I ask all of these questions
because of the thread that I had going a while back about whether N should be
included in a commercial fertilizer. Perhaps, if N and K are not supplied in the
wide range fertilizers that are currently being offered, they could be offered as
optional supplements. Or, we could all just keep using Jobe's Sticks. <g>

> Karen again replying to Paul K. :

> (BTW, just so you don't come back with a comment that the reason I
> don't have problems is because of my old tap water copper problems, this
> includes thanks which are run strictly on bottled water, so are completely
> free of excess copper)

Why would you run a tank strictly on bottled water?

> <Snip some more>
> Karen again:

> That was Neil, not me.  I use soil only in pots in most tanks, and only for
> the few plants that need it.  The one tank I have with a loose soil
> substrate has been the bane of my existence, and will be taken down as soon
> as (if I ever) get my new 6' tank set up to replace it.

Bane of your existence? Please, tell us more.

Pat Bowerman