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Re: Bleach wielding aquarists

>>From: krombhol at teclink_net (Paul Krombholz)
>>Subject: Re:snails carrying algae
>> Does the "aquarist" tolerate ick, velvet, and other fish diseases in 
>> his or her tank and merely try to keep them in check?
>Gee. I wish I thought of that line!!

>- -----------------------------
I gave Paul the credit that he meant that an aquarist should not want to
SEE "a little bit" of the pathogen in his or her tank (like an occasional
ick spot on a fish), just because he know he can always tweak the
temperature or squirt some meds. To me, this is the analogy to an aquarist
who does not mind _seeing_ a little bit of BBA now and then on the edge of
an Anubias.  Both of these situations are different than possibly having
microcopic amounts in the tank that can create an epidemic given the right

A spot or two of ich is too often the condition of fish in some pet shops.
Algae infested plants at the LFS is also not uncommon. Unless it is a very
hard to find item, I will not bring home those fauna or flora. Sometimes,
however,  I will knowingly take such fishes or plants home and treat them
before I put them in my tanks. Bleach is one approach that works predicably
well for plants when used CORRECTLY. I use it on a case by case basis.

BTW, I think that quaranteening is great way to avoid introducing a nasty
algae (or fish pathogen) when obtained from unknown sources and is a good
general precaution. 

I definitely side with Paul on this one.