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Re: Phos-Zorb

>>Also, I see a product on the market called "phos-zorb" that 
>>strips phosphates from the water when placed in the filter. 
>>Anyone have any advice or experience
>>on this product. 

>Hi Dana.  I have in the past used phosphate absorbent media in 
>my saltwater and freshwater tanks.  When I used it in the fw plant 
>tank to try to control BBA (pre-SAE), algal growth did slow, but 
>so did plant growth.  It was not too long before the plants began 
>to look pretty sickly.  I still don't mind using a phosphate resin in 
>the marine tank where I'm not trying to grow anything, but I've 
>avoided it in the plant tank.

I have phosphates in my tap water and use Phos-Zorb in my 
canister filter.  I too found that although it was effective in removing 
the phosphates that led to algal blooms, the plants also showed 
signs of deficiency.  I solved this by adding Jobe's Plant Sticks, 
which have some phosphate, into the root zone.  This has worked 
for me for several years.  

Cathy Hartland